Live Event Operator for Verizon Digital Media Services, December 2015 – Present

         • Begin and end streaming sporting event onto online application.

         • Insert commercial breaks into a live broadcast stream.

Videographer and Editor for “Lonely to Loved” Demo Reel, August 2015

         • Filmed footage for a possible tv show

         • Edited demo reel into a marketable package

Videographer and Editor of Promo Video for FIT, November 2014

         • Filmed the Field Innovation Team, a non-profit company dedicated to                       assisting in disaster situations.

         • Edited footage together into a one to two minute promo video with music.

Production Assistant at Creative Edge Studios, July 2013 – Present

         • Sent (often alone) to shoot many events, such as plays, musicals and                      graduations. Also was responsible for selling company products during                  these shoots.

Filmmaker of “Present Tense”, July 2012 – August 2012

         • Traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina to interview Srebrenica youth about living             in a post-conflict society. Film premiered at the Virginia Film Festival on                 Nov. 10, 2013.

         • Conducted, recorded, and filmed interviews while traveling. During post-                 production, chose appropriate music and edited film with teammates.


James Madison University, September 2008 – August 2012

         • Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema, as well as a minor in Creative Writing.

         • Dean’s List

Special Skills

         • Proficient in Windows and Macintosh, and in programs such as Adobe Première, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

         • Skilled in setting up sets with lights, teleprompter and cameras.

         • Culturally aware, having lived in six countries.

         • Intermediate in Mandarin-Chinese

         • Experience in multi-camera newsroom settings.


Shaun Wright
Professor of Video Producion & Post-Production
Phone: (540) 568 – 6494

Travis Riggs
CEO of Creative Edge Studios
Phone: (703) 478 – 0880

Desiree Matel-Anderson
Chief Wrangler for FIT
Phone: (414) 419-8360