This could very well be the best Batman movie to come out in recent history.

The best thing that The Lego Movie franchise (universe?) does well is being able to understand how ridiculous the premise is.  The creators of the The Lego Movie knew full well that people would hear about the premise and just go “what?”  I know several people who didn’t see the movie because to them, it was a blatant cash-in of a product.  This actually worked in the movie’s favor because it allowed the movie to completely subvert the audience’s expectations and blow everyone away with its off-beat humor and surprising heart.

The Lego Batman Movie does all of this and more.  There is literally a joke every two minutes whether its in the dialogue or in the background.  It is so jam-packed that I was afraid to go to the bathroom for fear of actually missing important plot-points.  Which seems odd because it’s a cartoon about a Lego Batman but that is the other strength of this movie.  You find yourself caring about the characters and about the story.  They are all characters that you feel connected to not only because they are all incredibly brought to life by the voice actors because it all fits together with the overall theme.

The best movies tend to be the ones whose story is actually different than the premise.  In this one, the premise is just about Batman being Batman.  The story is actually about Batman (through a series of funny events) finds himself against his most feared enemy – being by himself.

The movie is about relationships and how important it is to not cut yourself off from others.  Everything that happens in the movie is all tied around this one theme and it’s all married beautifully into one brilliantly hilarious movie that left me content that I had watched another great movie from the Lego Universe.


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